Bellow our farm’s multi-purpose stainless steel table is the seedling nursery and staging area. Capable of housing over 4,500 seeds at a time via two separately ai-moderated seedling troughs delivering the plants with the essential nutrients and ideal conditions through their first few weeks.

Utilizing a system of calibrated pumps and sensors we are able to maintain the perfect water conditions through our plants germination cycles. Our cyclical system senses and equalizes nutrient levels, and waters seedlings on a regular schedule all through a third party application.

Growing Space

Innovative drip irrigation allows us to use vertical growing to harvest more plants per square footage using far less water.

Lighting Systems

Our system is designed to feed plants red and blue light at deliberate wave-lengths to aid in the optimal exposure for photosynthesis.

Perfect Climate

By maintaining the ideal temperatures and humidity while balancing heat from our lighting systems we provide our plants with a stable and optimal climate.


We utilize unique methods of hydroponic water delivery to our plants through their various growth stages.