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The Farm at River’s Bend

Whitefish, Montana

About our farm

Tim & Harline Moyer, along with their family started their farming ventures in 2009 after acquiring 69 acres of “vertical land” on the island of Maui. The families farm name is Lahaina Family Farms and is still in operation today.


Now, fast forward to Valentines Day 2020. Tim surprised Harline with a 10 acre piece of land along the Whitefish River in Whitefish Montana. The land is along a beautiful bend in the river, hence the name of her ranch;

The Farm at River’s Bend

Shortly there after, the famous Corvid19 virus ???? spread throughout our planet. Harline saw a need for fresh (perfect) locally sourced vegetables desperately needed for the people of Flathead county during the traditionally, non-growing winter months.


Harline & Tim immediately saw why they had been led to Whitefish. To use their farming experience in Aquaponic Ponics ( which they had done at Lahaina Family Farms) to bring a vertical growing, sustainable hydroponic system to their new beloved community. It is true that they have exhausted their savings to embark on the Vertical Greens endeavors, however they believe in the importance of meeting the need to supply their new friends & neighbors year round with leafy green vegetables. Fingers crossed ????, we hope our concept will be accepted and embraced by our amazing local community.

Field trips are conducted once per week be appointment only
“BYOM” (bring your own mask). The perfect, zero contamination growing system. No herbicides are used, no pesticides are used.


The Moyer’s farm on Maui has transitioned to an educational farm. Volunteers come from all over the world to glean knowledge of sustainable, off the grid organic, community service integrated farming. Therefore, education is a passion that is an important aspect of their endeavors.




Today, Vertical Greens ???? of Whitefish Montana serves restaurants, and individual families with locally sourced, perfection in leafy green vegetables.


If you are a chef either professional or “want to be” you will appreciate the quality, sustainability, of their veggies.


Please call if you would enjoy an opportunity to visit


“Vertical Greens”

at Rivers Bend.



(yea, we still have our Hawai’i area code)

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Intrigued with what you’ve seen? We offer hands on volunteering opportunities, come learn about vertical hydroponics farming!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Intrigued with what you’ve seen? We offer hands on volunteering opportunities, come learn about vertical hydroponics farming!

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